Jason Craig

National Program Officer

Jason Craig grew up in two homes – sometimes with his mom and sometimes with his dad, but he moved in with his dad full time at age 12. “For a lot of my friends, their father was a blank in their minds,” Jason explains, “They just were not around. But my dad took me in at a critical age and showed me that fathers love and protect their sons. Later it made sense to me that God would send His Son to save me – dads do that for their boys.”

Jason fell into typical teenage vices, but everything changed after he was mentored by a mature Christian man and led to accept the Christian faith. Jason has been working with youth ever since.

After a failed attempt at showing a Catholic friend why Catholicism was nonsense, Jason became a Catholic, along with his future-wife Katie, who grew up in an atheist home. After being received into the Church, Jason and Katie entered the world of full-time Catholic ministry. However, as Jason applied his knowledge and experience of youth ministry at a Catholic parish he realized that it was the families, especially the fathers that had the greatest impact. During this time Jason joined Justin Biance and Tommy Van Horn in founding Fraternus, and Jason wrote and developed the training and curriculum used today around the country. Jason has a Masters in Theology and Evangelization from the Augustine Institute, and continues his studies and work from a small farm in rural NC. His writings on culture, masculinity, and mentoring have appeared on numerous sites like New Advent, Catholic Exchange, and Those Catholic Men, and he is working on a book on rites of passage for Catholic boys. He is also known to staunchly defend his family’s claim to have invented bourbon.

Tom Rider

National Communications Officer

Tom is a cradle Catholic, growing up in the Northeast, raised in a family of five, he is right in the middle of four girls. His father was an electrician, and while his mother stayed at home, with some part time jobs to help make ends meet. Tom went to Catholic Schools through his graduation as an Electrical Engineer from Manhattan College. He met his wife at college, then in 1984 they were wed at Manhattan College (in one of the ugliest chapels on earth). They started their Life together in the Hudson Valley in NY, where Tom started his nearly 28 year career with IBM, followed by another 7 years with Cognizant. They moved to Atlanta, then Charlotte when they sought a simpler lifestyle (going away from a 2-income home, plus nanny) to raise their twins, Thomas & Sarah, who were 2 at the time.

Tom & Dianne joined St. Mark Catholic Church in Huntersville, NC during its very first days, and they have served in many different capacities. Tom is a charter Knight of Columbus at St. Mark Parish, and was a part of the launch of a “new” Youth Ministry program there in 2001 called Life Teen (after completing an Executive MBA program at Wake Forest University). He has served on the Pastoral Council, was a catechist for 4th graders, ran Confirmation Preparation for Teens (RCIT) and has been training the Altar Servers at St. Mark on and off since its beginning.

In 2013, Dianne and Tom were approached by Fred Goduti (Charlotte Area Regional Sage) to attend an information session on Fraternus and Fidelis. We did, and both of us jumped in. Dianne became the Lead Lady for Fidelis during its first 3 years, and is now is on the National Board for Fidelis, while Tom became Fred’s Finance Officer, and established his reputation for details and quality in all we do (nick-named “The Hammer” by peer captains and creating a new verb in the national team of “being Ridered”). He joined the National team in August and looks forward to contributing wherever his skills can plug in to grow this Awesome ministry to hundreds if not thousands of parishes.

Our family has jumped out of an airplane (making memories when Tom found his Second Job through the intersession of St. Joseph his patron). We love roller-coasters (the bigger / faster the better), live music, and most important we love our time together as both our twins are still here in the area. Finally, after 23 years in Huntersville, raising our family, we downsized this year to a Condo on Lake Norman, and are loving our retirement location and blessed lives. Praise God.

Fred Goduti

Ranch Officer

Raised in Naples, Florida, Fred Goduti was the oldest of two boys in an airline family deeply committed to their Catholic Faith in a community where the church struggles to compete with the glamour of material wealth. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he began to embrace the faith fully. Fred met his wife Amy while both were students at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. They married soon after graduation and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where Fred is a Financial Advisor, Senior Vice President-Investments for Wells Fargo Advisors.

Fred and Amy have been blessed with eight children – sending two to Franciscan University, one to Belmont Abbey College, one currently a second year seminarian for the Charlotte Diocese, and four (affectionately referred to as the JV team) still at home being home schooled by Amy, a certified teacher. Fred balances his work in the financial world by coming home to a seven acre hobby farm each evening in Davidson, NC where the family lives. He says the dirt, chickens and chores keep the entire family grounded – and too tired to get into trouble!

Fred and Amy have a strong commitment to the Church, Catholic education and the many ministries within their parish family where they are called to serve. Their home is a frequent gathering spot for parish friends and family gatherings. Prayer and daily Mass are a major and sustaining part of their lives.

In 2015 Fred learned of Fraternus and felt called, at the request and blessing from his Pastor (Fr. John Putnam), to bring the ministry to his St. Mark parish in Huntersville, North Carolina. With Fred’s regret of not fully embracing the faith sooner in life, in addition to having two teen age boys, he reasoned this was an ideal way of cementing a foundation of virtue and faith not only before his boys left home but for all the young men in his parish family as well. From that beginning Fraternus (and alongside Fidelis) has grown rapidly to some 90 young men and 30 plus Captains engaged every Wednesday evening and at Ranch each summer. The results have exceeded everyone’s expectations and the program has become an important fixture in the life of the parish for both teens and adults.

Daniel Snyder

National Sage & Fraternus Board Member

Danny Snyder has a classic American story of working from the bottom to the top, working up from dishwasher to chief operating officer of the Merchant’s and Mere Bulle’s restaurant chain. He also started an Allstate insurance company, sold it back to Allstate, then started an independent insurance company that has grown to 2,000 clients in a short few years. But like many “classic American” men Danny fell away from his Catholic faith as a young man.

After decades of struggling to balance his life, things needed to change. So, he decided to try out going to Eucharistic Adoration at the local parish. “From that point a fire was ignited,” Danny explains. Danny re-engaged with his faith in a big way.

But it wasn’t until he became the first Commander of Our Lady of the Lakes Fraternus Chapter in Hendersonville, TN that Danny’s flame went from pilot light to full blaze. “When I heard of Fraternus I knew I must get involved for the sake of my sons,” explains Danny, “little did I know I would benefit me more than them.”

Danny is not only a volunteer and benefactor, but is offering his lifetime of successful business experience as a Board Member. When asked why he works so hard for Fraternus, Danny is straightforward: “Fraternus is changing the world for the better. Better equipping young Catholic boys to be great Catholic men.”

Joshua Johnson

National Administration and Development Officer

Joshua Johnson, whose story you can watch on “The Journey Home” on EWTN, has experienced the impact of mentoring firsthand. Thanks to mentoring he received as a young man, he left a career in political fundraising to become a United Methodist Pastor, and eventually found himself resigning from the pastorate and becoming a Catholic.

Prior to joining the Fraternus Exective Team in 2014, Josh started a Fraternus Chapter at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Bremerton, WA. In addition to serving Fraternus, Josh is the managing partner of Eagle Guard Self Storage, Holy Family Properties and on a limited basis consults for other nonprofit organizations. He has extensive experience in ministry, finance, nonprofit management, fundraising, commerical property management and real estate investing. He holds a Master’s of Theological Studies (Magna Cum Laude) from Duke University, a Master’s in Philanthropy and Development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and a BS in Government (Cum Laude) from Liberty University. He is a Certified Fund Raising Professional (CFRE), an international certification earned in the fundraising profession after extensive study, examination and years of successful fundraising.

Josh lives in the Greenville, South Carolina area where he is happily married to Katie and has been blessed with four children, Joshua Jr., Elizabeth Anne, Juliana, and Dominic. He volunteers as a Captain at his local Fraternus Chapter and enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and adventures to new places with family.

Thomas J. Wynne III

National Program / Systems Officer

After spending the first eight years of his life with the Wynne family following the father’s DuPont career transfers from Old Hickory, TN to Bridgeport, CT, Herkimer, NY and Scarsdale, Ny, the Wynne family returned to Nashville, TN in 1947 via a two year stay in Springfield, TN. Tom, a cradle Catholic, attended Catholic schools all but one school year of his life through one year of college at Christian Brothers College in Memphis, TN. Determining college was not for him at that point in time, a waste of perfectly good money, Tom enlisted in the U.S. Army Security Agency. After active military duty, some years were spent as an insurance adjuster which prompted the successful taking of law courses at the University of Tennessee Nashville Extension. Circumstances and opportunities lead Tom to embark on his 36 year career in the asphalt paving construction industry in Nashville which prompted a return to the UT Extension for courses in civil engineering. Retiring from the asphalt paving industry in 2002, Tom started enjoying the leisure life in Hendersonville, TN where he had been a resident since 1978, attending Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church with his wife Jeanie. Then along came Fraternus to Our Lady of the Lake in 2010 in which Tom finally engaged in something truly meaningful.

I’m beginning my ninth year in Fraternus and was Communication Officer for the OLOL Chapter from its inception, then after a time, I was appointed, elected or designated the first National Commander of Fraternus.

I keep it real with the brothers. I have made it an annual affair, sometimes, maybe, twice a year, to confess to the Brothers that I have broken every commandment that Moses brought down from the mountain. More than once! Everyone! I well know when, where and how the evil one strikes. I’ve lost battles and, finally, won some. Now, being in the right army, I can prepare my young Brothers for the onslaught, telling the story in the third person only revealing in last sentences that the person the story is about is me and involving them in the story, asking at certain points what the person in the story should do to correct himself. They get thoroughly involved. Mentoring is telling them when and where evil lurks and how temptation presents itself. Then give them witness and training to get up if they fall, retreat, re-group, re-plan and fight again!

I think Fraternus will be, someday, as integral to the Catholic Church as the Knights of Columbus.


Terry Rumore

New Chapter Development Officer

Terry Rumore is a lifelong resident of Birmingham, Alabama. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Charlotte, for 23 years and together they have raised 4 beautiful children; Patrick (21),Anna(19),Libby(17) and Michael(13). 

He is a third generation business owner along with his brother. They own Southern Armature Works and Southern Radiator Cooling where the Rumore family has been serving the Birmingham community for 89 years! Terry and his family are members of the Cathedral of St Paul where he serves as Commander of the Birmingham Fraternus Chapter.

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