Our Lady of Pompeii, Lancaster

A Local Fraternus® Chapter in

Lancaster, NY


Organizations are not successful without good volunteers.

Volunteers are the cornerstone of Fraternus. Without them, our organization would not be as successful and influential as it is today. Our chapter is always in need of any help we can get, and we are forever grateful for the time that our volunteers sacrifice for the betterment of young, virtuous Catholic men. There are numerous ways to become involved, from helping with the weekly dinners during Frat Night, providing financial support, or joining our brotherhood and helping to mentor our young men. Please contact one of our chapter’s officers to find out how you could help make an impact on these young men.


NAME: John Jaskolka

PHONE: (716) 391-8219

EMAIL: commander.olplancaster@gmail.com

NAME: Anthony Lorigo


EMAIL: anthonylorigo@gmail.com

NAME: David LaValley

PHONE: (713) 208-0953

EMAIL: nfpteacherbuffalo@gmail.com

NAME: Thomas Nuttle

PHONE: 716-335-0905

EMAIL: stgabesfraternus@gmail.com

NAME: Ben Gehl


EMAIL: ben.gehl@gmail.com

NAME: Mark Donowick

PHONE: (716) 713-9606

EMAIL: mdonowick@hotmail.com

NAME: Colin Shoemaker

PHONE: 716-289-0463

EMAIL: colinshoe@gmail.com

NAME: Tim Redinger

PHONE: 716-476-1146

EMAIL: tredinger@nativityschool.net

NAME: Carl DiNatale

PHONE: (716) 432-3515

EMAIL: dinatale1341@gmail.com

NAME: David Gates (temporary)

PHONE: (360)-731-2279

EMAIL: dbgates.dg@gmail.com


HAWC stands for Honest, Accountable, Willing, and Chaste. HAWC groups are for high school aged boys and meet outside of Frat Night. While intensifying the challenge to holiness and brotherhood, HAWC members serve their Chapter as leaders and are committed to being a mentor and model to younger boys in their Chapter.



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Lancaster, NY

A Local Fraternus® Chapter in

Lancaster, NY

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