Frat Night


Fraternus teaches the men that they must first possess a thriving brotherhood as adults. From there they invite the boys into that brotherhood – they don’t just supervise them with a veneer of faith once a week. Part of that invitation is to enjoy simple recreation with the boys and genuine conversation guided by the Fraternus curriculum.


The order of the night is simple: after the boys arrive there is a game or competition of some sort. The men do not sit on the walls but actively engage, encourage and challenge the boys. Once Comp Time is complete, a movie clip is played to illustrate the virtue topic of the night. For example, during one discussion on the theological virtue of faith the following clip was used to illustrate the theme of, “Trusting the Father and keeping our eyes on Him”.

After the discussion the group comes back together and prays compline together. Compline is the last prayer of the Church’s liturgical life. The Fraternus Book also has compline for each night so that the boys can continue to live and pray the rhythm of the Church.

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