Fraternus is Hiring a Director of Mission Advancement


Fraternus, a brotherhood of Catholic men and boys, is looking for a Director of Mission Development to serve in a leadership position. The Director of Mission Development will work closely with the New Chapter Officer in the initiating/training of new Fraternus Chapters, coordinate the general marketing and public strategy of Fraternus, and oversee national fundraising campaigns.  The Director of Mission Development will be conversant on the philosophies and approaches of Fraternus and its ancillary efforts like Sword&Spade magazine, St. Joseph’s Farm, and even websites like  He must possess strong communication skills and understand the importance of relationships, the Catholic teaching on ordered households and society, and be a humble servant of this growing brotherhood.  His role will ensure that the public presentation of the brotherhood is zealous, attractive, effective, and in line with the foundational principles of Fraternus.

Location: Preference would be in a Fraternus hub like Birmingham or near the home base of St. Joseph’s Farm in Columbus, NC.  Exceptions may be made based on life and vocational situation and qualifications.  Travel will likely be necessary for New Chapter training and donor visits.  However, strategies for these visits will always be deferential to the needs and state of family life.

Salary: TBD.  This role is envisioned as a full-time position.  However, Fraternus is prepared to discuss other options based on the abilities of candidates.

Preferred Experience:

        3-5 Years business or organizational leadership

        5-10 Years sales/marketing experience

        Content/media management

        Non-profit leadership and/or board member service

        Fundraising and development experience with proven track record 

        Membership within Fraternus

Primary Tasks:

        Establish Mission Development objectives based on leadership team priorities.

        Create, review, and approve / deny all proposed Fraternus marketing messages.

        Assist in the organization and creation of public content.

        Provide support to the New Chapter Officer (who vets and trains Chapters)

        Assist in the discernment and planning of new initiatives/partnerships.

        Mission Advancement:

o   Plan, manage, and execute fundraising efforts for national Fraternus campaigns, including donor prospecting, conversion, and growth.

o   Work with the Executive Director to grow and strengthen partnerships and relationships with donors, foundations, etc.

Secondary Tasks

        Collaborate with National Sage in a spirit of brotherhood and friendship to provide fraternal support to new or struggling Chapters.

        Model Christian brotherhood and an ordered life at all levels

        Ensure highest levels of professional conduct, fiduciary oversight, and stewardship of the organization.

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