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“Sons, Brothers, and Fathers – How to Recover and Pass on Catholic Masculinity”
Attend a 30-minute webinar that will equip you to understand and answer the Catholic man-crisis, and receive a free ebook on mentoring.

There are sharp declines in male spirituality and engagement, and there is an increasingly distorted vision of manhood being proposed by the world. How then can men and boys be formed to live a virtuous life rooted in Jesus Christ and His Church? Join a live educational webinar on August 23rd at noon hosted by Fraternus that will explain the ins and outs of creating a mentoring movement in your parish that engages boys and men and ensures Catholic brotherhood and maturity for generations to come.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How mentoring changes young men’s lives by guiding them to be virtuous and engaged in their faith.
  • How to build a strong brotherhood and fatherhood within the parish life.
  • Why disengaged men and fathers need to grow up and show up.
  • How the loss of rites of passage has left young men confused and grasping for identity.
  • How to fulfill your calling as a man through mentoring younger men.


  • How answering the man-crisis with a mentoring movement is simple, doable, and possible for your parish.

(Please note that in an effort to respect the time given by live participants, this webinar will present clearly and boldly the truths of the problems we face and the actions necessary to solve them. In other words, it will be inspiring and provide clear actions that solve real problems, but there will be no buffering or softening of the hard realities we have to deal with.)

Anyone considering starting a Fraternus Chapter must attend this webinar. If live attendance is not possible, sign up today and a recording will be sent after the live event.

Attendees will also receive a free ebook version of “The Extraordinary Calling of Ordinary Men: How to Mentor Boys into Virtuous Catholic Men”, by Jason Craig.

About the Presentor

Jason Craig lives on a small farm in Western, NC with his wife Katie and their five children. Through eight years of work with Fraternus, graduate studies in theology at the Augustine Institute, and his own personal experience, he has become a powerful and articulate voice for the recovery of mentorship, rites of passage, and robust and joyful Catholic brotherhood amongst Catholic men.

About Fraternus

Fraternus mentors boys into virtuous Catholic men by forming brotherhoods of men and providing the content and framework that ensures effective male formation. Fraternus has been on the frontlines of the mentoring movement since 2008, and has grown slowly but effectively around the country. In communities where Fraternus is well established, there is a sharp increase in vocations to the priesthood, profound conversions of entire families, and a visible presence of virtuous fathers and young men active in parish life. In one diocese alone there has been a dozen vocations to the priesthood in only 7 years.

Here’s what Bishop Esteves of the Diocese of St. Augustine, FL has said about Fraternus:

I have been thoroughly impressed with the boys and men of Fraternus. I am excited to learn that many priestly vocations have come through Fraternus, but my own interaction with these boys shows me just how effective this program is. I echo the words of my predecessor, Bishop Galeone, when he said, ‘Boys need mentors to navigate the path to Catholic manhood. Fraternus fulfills that need perfectly.’

The link to the webinar will only be sent to those that sign up, and attendees will receive a free ebook on mentoring, and will learn what it takes to start a Fraternus Chapter. Attendance will give you the proven principles of Fraternus, which you can use immediately without starting a Chapter, but attendance is not a commitment or approval to starting one.

Can you give 30 minutes to learn what it takes to start a mentoring movement?

“He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse…” (Malachi 4:6).

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