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“If a man boasts of loving God, while he hates his own brother, he is a liar. He has seen his brother, and has no love for him; what love can he have for the God he has never seen? No, this is the divine command that has been given us; the man who loves God must be one who loves his brother as well.”

– 1 John 4:20-21

Chapter Leadership

Danny Snyder
(615) 438-8626


The weekly meetings of Fraternus – called Frat Nights – are for men and young men as young as 6th grade. Boys in 5th grade may also attend if their father accompanies them. Frat Night is a mix of recreation, food and the study of the traditional virtues.




7:30 AM


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Each Fraternus chapter participates in several activities and excursions. Some of these include weekly activities, Ranch, excursions and more. Visit our Activities page to view what our chapter offers.


From St. John Bosco to Bl. Pierre Giorgio Frassati to St. John Paul II, saints with a particular skill at reaching the hearts of young men know that when you bring them out into creation, they become more open to the Creator. Fraternus Excursions are a chance for men and boys to engage the outdoors in adventure, prayer, and solid formation.

Excursion 1 Theme: Leadership Working Retreat – 4Q

Excursion 1 Location: St. Joseph’s Farm

Excursion 1 Date: TBD

Excursion 2 Theme: Leadership Working Retreat – 1Q

Excursion 2 Location: TBD

Excursion 2 Date: TBD

Excursion 3 Theme: Leadership Working Retreat – 2Q

Excursion 3 Location: TBD

Excursion 3 Date: TBD


Organizations are not successful without good volunteers.

Volunteers are the cornerstone of Fraternus. Without them, our organization would not be as successful and influential as it is today. Our chapter is always in need of any help we can get, and we are forever grateful for the time that our volunteers sacrifice for the betterment of young, virtuous Catholic men. There are numerous ways to become involved from helping with the weekly dinners during Frat Night to becoming a Diocesan volunteer. Please contact one of our chapter’s officers to find out how you could help make an impact on these young men., option for “what we do” shows the brotherhood and testimonies of Junior, Senior & Captain Brothers.

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Chapters with a Bosco Society help to support local expenses like food and facilities, create local scholarships for Fraternus Summer Ranch and support the establishment of new Chapters nationally.

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