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A Fraternus Chapter requires careful planning, ecclesial approval, and the uniting of men in brotherhood.  Understanding that some communities don’t have all of these “ingredients” in place, Fraternus provides resources and experiences for those that do not yet have a Chapter.  These materials, which you receive when you become a donor/subscriber, help men to cultivate brotherhood, virtue, and fatherly leadership in their homes and communities.

By becoming a donor/subscriber to Fraternus, you will receive:

A copy of Leaving Boyhood Behind, by Jason Craig

Book text in front of campfire

This book breaks open the logic of ancient rites of passage and shows how our society is keeping boys in perpetual adolescence and dividing men from their responsibilities and true identities.  By walking through each phase of a rite of passage – even illustrating how Jesus was “initiated” in His culture – Craig offers a way out of the man-crisis we’re living in today.

Weekly Emails with Solid Content

After your initial meetings, weekly digital content is delivered to donor/subscribers that relates to what Fraternus Chapters are working through and can continue to fuel the natural conversations of your local brotherhood.

Your first meetings as men

two man with outstretched hands

None of the provided materials are meant to be received in isolation.  Therefore, you will receive a simple but effective tool to help guide some of your first meetings as a small brotherhood in your community.  These initial meetings walk through Leaving Boyhood Behind, by Jason Craig.

As these small brotherhood of men move closer to God and further from the snares of the world, the Sword&Spade helps them get off of their devices and recover the invaluable practice of reading and reflecting. Sword&Spade is a unique magazine for Catholic fathers, leaders, and mentors.

Donations of $10/month gets all of the above, but donations of $25 or more allow you to sign up others for a subscription to Sword&Spade magazine.

Join a Mission that Works

Fraternus is now over ten years old, and the results are manifest.  With dozens of vocations and strong brotherhoods through the US, Fraternus is an apostolate that works for men and boys when so many other strategies don’t.  The reason is simple – Fraternus is not a mechanical approach to building a program, but an organic means to grow a brotherhood.  This is why donating/subscribing is not just getting something, but it is joining an effective mission that is turning the tide of the man crisis we find ourselves in.

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