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Fraternus provides the materials and experiences to help “remake your minds” in Christ in the spirit of fraternity and virtue with a special emphasis on the roles of fathers in the home and community. The goal is simple: regain self-mastery through discipline and prayer, unite as brothers for accountability and encouragement, order our household towards God and virtue, and unite in our community for the apostolate (bringing others closer to God).

And you must not fall in with the manners of this world; there must be an inward change, a remaking of your minds, so that you can satisfy yourselves what is God’s will, the good thing, the desirable thing, the perfect thing.

(Romans 2:12)

Here are the Steps

1. Leadership

2. Application

  • With your Pastors support and the commitment of at least 7 volunteer men, you can complete an application by clicking below. After our leadership team has reviewed your application they will schedule a phone interview.
  • Click here to apply for a Chapter.

3. Agreement

  • After your application has been approved and you have been chartered to start a Fraternus Chapter you will be assigned to a Sage (experienced volunteer) in your region who will walk you though the start-up process.

Want to Start Tomorrow?

You don’t have to have a Chapter to start living and cultivating authentic masculinity in your home and community.  You can sign up today and receive books, guides, and more to help you get started.

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