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“We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.” GK Chesterton

Our purpose in life as Catholics is to get ourselves and others closer to God. As summed up by Our Lord, the two great commandments are to do God’s will and love others as we love ourselves. These two commandments are commands, meaning we must “do” them in order to get to Heaven. Fraternus offers boys and men the opportunity to become closer to God, hear His will, love others, and discover their true identities.

Fraternus Chapters are born from and are always pointed back to parish life, because it is in the Eucharist that true Christian brotherhood is most manifest. Fraternus helps recruit and train men in a parish to become “True Mentors” – mentors rooted in prayer and challenged to go and earn from the boys the right to be heard through building genuine friendships. Fraternus creates a brotherhood that will last a lifetime. The scripture states that “iron sharpens iron,” so we continuously strive to reach holiness together through the power of brotherhood.

Through events such as Frat Nights and Excursions, boys are able to learn about their faith, the virtues, and their true identities as men. There is a place for every inspired Catholic here at Fraternus, whether as a member of the chapter or as a youth mentor. Fraternus mentors boys into virtuous Catholic men.


Fraternus teaches the men that they must first possess a thriving brotherhood as adults. From there they invite the boys into that brotherhood –they don’t just supervise them with a veneer of faith once a week. Part of that invitation is to enjoy simple recreation with the boys and genuine conversation guided by the Fraternus curriculum.

DAY: Wednesday

TIME: 6:30 PM

LOCATION: St. Rose of Lima



We are blessed with amazing leadership officers who help mentor our Chapter’s boys into virtuous catholic men. Get to meet our chapter’s leadership team before coming to weekly Frat Night.vvvvv


Each Fraternus chapter participates in several activities and excursions. Some of these include weekly activities, Ranch, excursions and more. Visit our Activities page to view what our chapter offers.


From St. John Bosco to Bl. Pierre Giorgio Frassati to St. John Paul II, saints with a particular skill at reaching the hearts of young men know that when you bring boys out into creation they become more open to the Creator. Fraternus Excursions are designed with a common theme and goal, namely, learning about our true identify as men. Sometimes only when we disconnect from daily life and go into the wild can we realize this true identity.

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Excursion 1 Theme: Excursion 1 2022-2023 Fraternus Year

Excursion 1 Location: Montgomery Bell State Park

Excursion 1 Date: September 30th (HAWC), All Brothers October 1st and 2nd 2022

Excursion 2 Theme: Excursion 2 2022-2023 Fraternus Year

Excursion 2 Location: Camp Marymount

Excursion 2 Date: February 3rd (HAWC), All Brothers February 4th and 5th, 2023

Excursion 3 Theme: Excursion 3 2022-2023 Fraternus Year

Excursion 3 Location: Camp Woodlee

Excursion 3 Date: April 28th (HAWC), All Brothers April 29th and 30th, 2023


Ranch is packed full of activities to celebrate the adventurous life that speaks to a boy’s heart. There are opportunities for whitewater rafting, paint ball, horseback riding, swimming, climbing ropes, and a warrior run. Each Fraternus chapter sleeps in one cabin, eats together, and completes challenges that strengthen the bond of the brotherhood. Ranch demonstrates the greater brotherhood found across the country.


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A Local Fraternus® Chapter in

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